About Parenthexis Academy

Parenthexis Academy is an online academy offering skills-based, work-relevant training programs of high educational standards. Our partners are reputable vocational institutions and training academies established by businesses who are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. Parenthexis Academy’s courses are practical, current and relevant to industry needs and anticipated trends. Our goal is for graduates to be immediately deployable in their sector of choice.

Parenthexis Academy is the education and training arm of Kydon Group in Singapore. We leverage on the innovative learning technologies and platform of our sister company – Parenthexis to deliver highly effective learning programs derived from bite-sized, media-rich learning content that is grasped easily, and real-time interaction among facilitators and learners that consolidate and solidify students’ knowledge and skills acquisition through shared learning experiences.

By going online, we bring best-of-class professional courses from around the world to benefit learners worldwide, thus overcoming the barriers of cost, distance and language to training and education. This is our vision.

Aso College Group’s Anime/Manga Courses

For the first time ever, learners from South East Asia and beyond can access top quality Japanese anime and manga drawing courses without leaving home! Parenthexis Academy has tied up with the Aso College Group from Japan to offer the Certification in Japanese Manga and Animation (Fundamentals) course online! This interactive online course is taught and graded by experienced instructors from Aso College which is one of the top vocational colleges in Japan with more than 80 years history. Learners may opt to take these at the modular or course level at their own pace; there is also an optional workshop to be delivered in Singapore by the instructors from Japan with certificates awarded upon completion.

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Invitation for Partners

We would like to invite reputable skills-based educational institutions and leading learning providers from business and industry to partner us to digitize and transform your curriculum so learners on a global scale can benefit from your teaching programs. Our courses are built with the end objectives of helping our students develop maturity and leadership, and be work and world ready. By working with us, you will achieve innovation and quality improvements in your digital learning assets and see significant reduction in time-to-market of your transformed courses. We help our partners achieve cost effectiveness in operations through shared marketing and course support.

Speak to our Partnerships team today at contact@parenthexisacad.edu.sg to learn more about Parenthexis Academy Partnership Program.